How to Return Feeling Like You Never Left

As London opens in tandem with the arrival of spring, we are ready to embrace the steady return of the city we know and love with full force, and are here to remind you of the first and most crucial step in doing so: ensuring that your UK home is ready for your return.  

Having an international client base has made vacant property management an integral part of our services, which are carefully tailored to each client’s requirements – from security checks, to payment of household bills, to emergency repairs, to stocking fridges. From our experienced team delivering our prime property management services across London and its surrounding counties, we’re here to make your trip back to London as smooth as possible with the following services – and more. 

For us, our attention is always in the detail, giving peace of mind to our clients, wherever they are in the world. 

  • There’s nothing better than stepping into a hot shower after a long flight or drive, but when bathrooms and kitchens are not regularly used, bacteria can easily build up within water outlets and be harmful if ingested. Our team is here to flush your taps and outlets on a regular basis, which is easily completed during our routine property checks.
  • Ensuring that you don’t come home to any unpleasant surprises is of utmost importance, and by providing thorough seasonal upkeep and preventing any damages due to factors such as temperature change allows you to return home stress-free. We make sure the air conditioning is perfectly running and underfloor heating has been tested.
  • Security and protection come first and foremost, and while our team will frequently oversee that your security tech is up-to-date and running, our in-person visits leading up to your return hold the purpose of making you feel safe at all times. 
  • Sometimes it’s the little things. From making sure your room is heated to your ideal temperature, to running errands, to organising and supervising cleaning, to stocking your fridge with your favourite food and drink, to preparing your home comforts, we’ll make your return as comforting as can be. 

Our team at Somerset Estates is here for you any day and at any time. Above all, we look forward to welcoming you back to London, and to ensure that your return home is as smooth and happy as can be.

Contact Philippa and Rachel on info@somersetestates.com or calling +44 (0) 20 3457 2857 .