We are delighted to report that our Somerset Estates team has scored a rating of 90/100 for ethics and achieved a bronze medal in our EcoVadis assessment! 

What is EcoVadis and why is it important?

EcoVadis is a platform that provides ratings and assessments of sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices and since its inception in 2007, it has become one of the leading sustainability rating providers in the world.

We have been evaluated alongside companies across various industries and geographical locations based on a range of criteria, including environmental impact, labour and human rights practices, business ethics, and sustainable procurement. 

The assessments are conducted through a combination of automated tools and human experts, who evaluate company performance based on information provided not only by ourselves, but also through independent research and verification.

We now have a detailed scorecard and rating for our company, which can be used by customers, investors, and other stakeholders to evaluate our sustainability performance and CSR practices.

The ratings are our way to benchmark sustainability performance against industry peers and to identify areas where further gains can be made.

As a provider of environmental consulting and environmental solution services to clients, our scoring on ethics is something with which we are proud. However, we never remain complacent and constantly strive towards making improvements where necessary.

Why does this matter to us as a company?

This reinforces our values as a business, our commitment to clients and staff through operating a conscientious company culture at all times. We are always proactively reviewing our processes to reduce waste and our consumption of energy where possible. We apply these same principles to the management of our client’s properties.

As a diverse and inclusive company, we work with a wide scope of contractors to ensure our supply chain mirrors our ethos. We perform an initial contractor screening process, together with regular due diligence monitoring for each contractor. We treat our supply chain with respect and value their professions. This is shown in all areas of our conduct and communication.

Why does it matter to our clients?

As a family run business, we work closely with our clients as a partnership. We are completely committed to maintaining a dedicated, personal service, with the necessary skills and resources available to manage our clients properties to the highest standards. 

We operate a conscientious company culture in our workplace which treats our assets and our clients’ assets along with financial expenditure with care and due diligence.

Why does it matter to our team?

Internally, our staff retention rates are high, and we are champions of empowering our employees through development, collaboration, further education and industry training.

All our staff are committed to our strict code of conduct and company ethics, whether in the office, on site, at home or online. We operate a robust and tight ship as a company, with the management team always leading from the front, and ensuring compliance is reviewed on a regular basis.

If you would like any further information on how we work or if you just have a question about how we might work together, please do not hesitate to get in touch.