It’s the end of a long day and your eyes are starting to go slightly square from the Zoom meetings that have dominated the afternoon. You feel like you need a weekend of pampering and decompressing, and it is only as you saunter into your bathroom and feel the floor’s heat on your feet that you realize the idyllic spa you were dreaming of is right here in your home. 

You need to simultaneously zone out and clear your mind, and as you set the steam shower to 39°C on the dial disguised as just another piece of the wall’s mosaic – hesitating only momentarily in deciding between a lavender or bergamot scent – you channel jazz from the built-in sound system and step into the warm and fragrant rain. Come the end of your shower, you pull open a refrigerated drawer and lather cooling lotion onto your skin. 

To your right is a window looking out at the world, to your left, the wall is an aquarium, and as you watch a school of sunset-coloured swordtails peacefully float by, a sense of serenity takes over. You feel as though you are in a La Mer advert, and wanting to stay on theme, you pick up a soap-bar-shaped remote control and your mirror becomes a television, where the opening scene of Splash melts the steam from the glass. 

As someone outside the door mentions dinner, your eyes veer to the bathtub, whose side table suddenly seems perfect for a charcuterie board and glass of wine. You remember why this is your favourite room in the house.  

Our team at Somerset Estates is here to make your dream bathroom a reality, and above all to prove that tech and tranquillity can harmoniously coexist. Whether your taste is modern and minimalistic, rustic, or edging on Victorian, our team integrates tech sympathetically into new and old design in ways that will make it impossible to identify in your bathroom. Here are our Top Five Tech examples that will make your bathroom the best place to begin the day on a fresh and bouncy note and end it on a calm one. Yours to discover. 



Enjoy the benefits of a candlelit spa or of a bright room flooded with sunlight. A must-have on our list, responsive lighting is the first step in creating your ideal bathroom atmosphere, and falls into the realm of tech that is so subtle, you won’t even know it’s there. 

We currently love Christopher Wray’s range of bathroom lighting that stretches from classic designs to modern looks.

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From showers that include integrated lighting, to water choreographies, to fragrances and aromatherapy, these might just be one of our all-time favourites in the realm of bathroom tech. Inspired by nature, weather and spas combined, there is no limit to these showers’ features, whether you want to decompress under warm rain and colours that emulate dawn, or feel revitalized in a cloud of icy mist following a high-intensity workout. 

Dornbracht’s range of experience showers is, in our opinion, unbeatable, whether you are opting for an Aquamon sanctuary, a Comfort Shower or a Sensory Sky.

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Enjoy your favourite films from a steaming bath or catch up on shows while applying your makeup, at the simple touch of a waterproof remote. These televisions include everything from internally built-in speakers to fog-free LED screens, making your bathroom experience an entertaining one too. 

Get in touch with Ideaworks for high-solution and embeddable televisions.

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Make your visits to the loo as luxurious as possible with a Japanese toilet, whose sensor-activated lid will open and close automatically and emit a warm light in the night hours. Best of all, you can customize each experience either via remote control or Smartphone. 

Our current favourite is the Grohe Sensia Arena Wall Hung Shower Toilet, whose features include everything from miniature massage-spray cleansing showers to a warm air dryer.

Photo credit: Grohe Sensia Arena


Whether you are decompressing to Debussy as you get ready for bed, enjoying a home-spa experience with Enya playing in tandem with your shower, bopping to oldies as you kick off your morning, catching up on a podcast as you dry your hair or setting the mood with some jazz, having a built-in sound system is the ultimate game-changer. Its versatility will make all the difference in setting an atmosphere that matches your mood.

Check out Smart Home Sounds for the best in-ceiling speaker suited to your bathroom.

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