Our team at Somerset Estates has always worked with the highest-level and most trusted contractors in the industry. Above all, our priority is collaborating with experts in their field, no matter how niche, and we are therefore delighted to introduce one of our esteemed partners, Athena Stonecare. Athena’s expertise in natural stone restoration and maintenance has made them a leading stonework professional, and a go-to for our clients in London and its surrounding counties.

With elegant endurance at the core of all that they deliver, we have chosen Athena for their know-how in a variety of professional services. Natural stone in your home is often an investment and needs to be looked after to retain its character and decorative finish. Athena Stonecare specialises in everything from grinding, to resurfacing, polishing and cleaning marble, limestone, travertine, granite and all types of natural stone.

With client peace of mind at the core of each service that we at Somerset Estates deliver, we have chosen a partner whose stonecare – and aftercare – services know no limit, be it a scratched and stained limestone floor that needs refinishing, or a marble bathroom that has been damaged through incorrect maintenance, Athena Stonecare transforms stone to look brand new.

As a leading provider of natural stone with a team trained and qualified to the highest levels, Athena’s services are always aligned with the most up-to-date technological advancements, while being tailored to both historic and contemporary stonework.

Most recently, our team Somerset Estates was working on a private estate in Surrey, where the limestone in our client’s pool had been damaged and misused, leaving blue residue across the area and a balloon-sized floor stain.

After assessment of the work involved, we immediately arranged for Athena to attend the site, and they arrived promptly that Sunday. Their process of restoration began instantly, and in explaining their course of work, the level of their expertise became apparent. With diamond grinding and stone polishing within Athena’s main area of specialism, for the purpose of elevating the beauty of both natural and man-made stone, Becca Cranfield, Director of Athena Stonecare states:

“Restoring stone can be a complex process involving several stages. The initial grinding phase serves to even out poorly-laid tiles, remove scratches and restore worn or soiled stone surfaces before honing or polishing. The desired finish is then achieved by a system of higher grit diamond segments and pads that can be used in stages for matte, satin or high shine. Every floor is unique and so all of our services are completely bespoke. This means that we keep in constant communication with the client throughout the process to ensure that we achieve the desired finish.”

Athena’s tailored edging equipment and hand-held tools allows the team to provide full treatments right up next to skirting boards, kitchen units and edges to leave a flawless finish regardless of the task.

With Athena, grinding and polishing can be a one-off restorative project, a corrective procedure, or a maintenance programme – popular with most of their clients.

“Our maintenance programmes are tailored to your stone type and budget,” notes Athena. “This means that we can provide a more intensive process to high-traffic areas to ensure that the finish across the area is flawless without unnecessary expense for you. As a chemical free process, stone polishing using this method is an eco-friendly way to enjoy natural stone for many years.”

Matching the right contractor to the right client or property is something that our team at Somerset Estates has long prided ourselves on. In managing the processes and relationships between our contractors and clients, our reputation as a trusted property management company has only strengthened. Our long-standing relationships with contractors like Athena, who are masters of their craft, gives Somerset Estates the ability to provide clients with only the most specialised services.

For an initial quote or survey, and to learn more about Athena and our contractors, please get in touch at info@somersetestates.com