Where form meets function from our friends at Lanserring

When our friends at Lanserring created this wonderful new collection for 2021, Celandine Manor, we couldn’t help but tell you all about it!

In the last year, home has started to mean something different to modern families. We have developed a deep intimacy with interior spaces and their design details have become our daily companions.

Meanwhile, relationships are brought into focus. Work and family selves, once distinct, have for the professional working from home, become united. Our homes, and especially our kitchens, must work harder to support the gamut of family and working life – all whilst offering a sense of sanctuary and stability that we now crave more than ever. This was certainly evident when having conversations with our clients. 

What is notable about this work is that it was created in response to the emotional shift observed in clients’ briefs. This superb collection showcases the signature materiality and craftsmanship involved in its creation. It provides a calm, mesmeric space for spending time with family and loved ones; it soothes and comforts; it is a sanctuary.

Photo Credit: Lanserring

The preparation kitchen is an incredible feature which exists to preserve the calm of the main kitchen and there has been a huge focus on the space itself which allows a sense of calm and enjoyment of  all that surrounds you. Spending time as a family: chatting, reading or playing games, untroubled by the clutter of day-to-day life.  We could all do with that now!

There’s lots of solid marble which works incredibly well while still feeling contemporary and clean. It’s great to see the realisation of an attention to detail that Somerset Estates clients require: a design that truly has presence; a gentle, homely ritual for a regenerative space.

Philippa, Director of Somerset Estates was only too happy to comment on the work: “Lanserring are a company at the very top of their game – thoughtful, innovative and ultimately striving for outstanding quality at every step is exactly what we look for in any partnership”. 

Celandine Manor is a wonderful example of home as therapy: a place to regroup and regenerate, a place of sanctuary in the family home.

There are no opulent features designed purely for impact: this is a design that will reveal its intricacies over time. We are big fans of Lanserring’s work and our clients seem to be too!

If you’re looking to make any renovations to your home get in touch with Philippa or Rachel to see how Somerset Estates can assist by emailing info@somersetestates.com